Experion PKS R520.2

Honeywell Process Solutions June 8, 2022

Honeywell’s R520.2 (R520.2) of its Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) introduces new process automation features and functionality to end users across the industrial sector.


At the center of R520.2 is Experion PKS Control Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (Control HIVE) functionality, which enables users to integrate individual controllers and have them act as a cluster of shared compute resources. This functionality, combined with the capability to optimize control system resources and input/output modules, significantly reduces the complexity and capital expenditure associated with automation projects and control systems.


Experion PKS R520.2 also expands the functionality of Control HIVE, which allows automation projects to be deployed in a more flexible and resilient manner by decoupling control system elements that are traditionally engineered, configured and deployed in a hierarchal manner.

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