UE developer tool evaluation software released

FDT Group's UE-enabled systems and devices are designed to market supporting modern industrial device management.

By FDT Group April 9, 2023
Courtesy: FDT Group

FDT Group announced the release of FDT UE developer tool evaluation software expediting the ability to build FDT3-based system and device type management (DTM) solutions to meet user demands for modern intelligent device management and monitoring initiatives needed to scale next generation industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architectures.

Suppliers of industrial automation systems and devices want to provide interoperable solutions supporting IIoT architectures. To meet their customers’ needs, it is vital for suppliers to enhance their system and device offerings with modern technology standards providing an agnostic approach to information-driven business models. The new FDT3 standard is accelerating the digital manufacturing journey by enabling an ecosystem of FDT-based solutions providing a unified environment for industrial device management with information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) data-driven operations.

FDT Group provides vendors with developer toolkits:

  • Supporting development of platform independent FDT UE-enabled host and device products while assuring compliance with the FDT3 standard, so vendors can focus on value-add capabilities.

  • To jump start development, minimize engineering effort, simplify certification/registration shortening time to market for new product offerings.

  • Enabling interoperability and seamless data exchange independent of system, device/type, data model, IT/OT (network/protocol) enterprise wide.

  • Empowering OPC UA- and mobile- ready solutions without coding, allowing IT and OT teams authenticated client access for diagnostic monitoring optimization.

An evaluation version for each FDT UE developer tool will be made available to FDT Group members (Corporate – all classes and Affiliate – levels 1-3) to help jump-start their development activities. An FDT-License to productize and sell FDT UE products built with the toolkits is required during certification with the FDT Group before the product can be made for sale by the developer.

– Edited from an FDT Group press release by CFE Media and Technology. FDT Group is a CFE Media and Technology content partner.